A-1 Custom Homes

A-1 Custom Homes

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Retailers can custom design any model home. Retailers work with you from start to finish. Custom homes are design with the highest quality and standards. They are U.S.A. Nation-Wide for any home community.The factory-built home you see today is a home-bearing little resemblance to its tin box predecessor. Materials are green earth friendly.

You choose your home and its features. Plus placing a order with the factory. They can coordinating the delivery and installation of your home. Providing warranty service. Ask what warranty coverage the retailer provides on transportation and installation and get it in writing. Arrange for financing and insurance.

Retailers can help you locate personal property for sale. Locating rental communities with space available. Because there is a factory built home for nearly every lifestyle and budget, home retailers encourage you to look at as many homes as possible. Having a model in mind makes it easy to see if a home fits with your needs. As when you are ready to build your own new custom home. Building a new home can take from 90 days.

But most custom homes takes four to six months from start to finish. Factors wil determine how
long. The size and complexity of your home. A home that is large or has a complex design will
take longer to build. You must choose a design plan for your lot size. Retailers pull all local and
county permits for all construction. Plus provide closing and all other paper work needed.


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