Different Gems And Their Uses

Different Gems And Their Uses

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There are different kinds of gems and beads that you could use for décor and different projects. Indeed, there are many suppliers who offer diverse glass gems and stones for different clients. Before, when the online world of retail did not exist, sourcing decorative stones and gems would have been difficult. Today there are many suppliers who offer such items easily. They can be found on online directories. Many have their online retail outlets while others sell through e-retail platforms such as Amazon or eBay. Here is a lowdown on the different kinds of gems available in the market and the possible uses of the same.

Crystal Glass Gems

There are glass gems that are of clear colors. These can be put to different uses. These gems usually have a clear or an opalescent finish. Such finishes allow them to display rainbow like colors which are reflected off them. For such light reflecting properties, these can be put to different use. They can be put in vases with floral arrangements or simply as decorative accents in jars along with other colored gems. They can be placed in such a way that they catch light and display a rainbow of colors when looked at.

Flat Back Gems

Many people need opaque gems of a flat back. Usually the round gems cannot be used in decorative projects as they tend to fall off. For use in cards or other projects in schools or for decorative pieces where such gems need to be stuck on a surface, flat back gems come of use. These can be of different colors. Many suppliers offer such gems of different colors and finishes as per the requirements of clients. You could order them in bulk in order to get considerable discount on your purchase.

Opaque White Gems

There are several glass gems that come with an opaque finish. Such gems usually come in different shades though the snow white shade is often looked for. These can be used for filling aquariums. Often, such gems or stones come in different shapes and sizes. These are put to varied uses. They can be used to create pathways or as vase fillers. Nowadays there are glass gems of different finishes and different dimensions found. These can be sought out at different online stores and suppliers like Geminique.

Mosaic Finish Gems

There are mosaic gems that come in striking shades or brown, red, blue and other colors. You could opt for yellow mosaic gems which would add great color to any project you may have in mind. The mosaic gems can be found at different online stores. One can look up their dimensions and order them online. If you are uncertain about a gems supplier, you could seek reviews of other customers. Many online selling forums offer reviews of other customers, allowing one to know what to expect when they order in glass gems. Often such gems are sold in bulk. One such versatile store which offers different kinds of glass gems is gemnique.com.


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