How To Prevent Airborne Illnesses With Commercial HVAC Systems

How To Prevent Airborne Illnesses With Commercial HVAC Systems

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Usually during the onset of fall or spring pollen gets released in large quantities in the air and a lot of employees call in sick due to cold or flu. This along with allergens which are in the enclosed workplace makes them stay away from work longer. In fact, many companies dread the start of the seasons as workplace productivity goes down. To ensure that the employees are present for more days than usual every year and for productivity to go up it is advisable to check your HVAC systems and prevent airborne illnesses.

Cold and flu are caused due to allergens and viruses. These viruses and allergens thrive in enclosed spaces more than open spaces. So, if air quality is not good and if the HVAC systems are not properly maintained then the air quality will deteriorate considerably with bacteria, virus and allergens thriving there. This will result in more people opting for sick leave and productivity will be hit badly.

Indoor air quality is very important and more people fall sick due to contaminants indoors rather than outdoors. Even though air pollution due to vehicles etc is high, indoor air pollution can be more than outdoor pollution due to poor ventilation. A badly maintained HVAC system can be the cause of poor air quality and it will allow bacteria to multiply.

The first thing that needs to be done to improve air quality and that too regularly is to change the air filters on time. Your HVAC service provider will tell you when the air filters need to be changed and if you do it, air quality will improve considerably.

Next you need to call your HVAC service provider and ask them to do the HVAC servicing. While servicing, the technicians will clean filters, coils etc. When the HVAC system functions properly, it will keep airborne bacterium away and the air you breathe will be clean.

Ducts are the place where bacteria, dust, mold and virus establish their residence. They thrive in these places and over time the air will become unclean.The ductwork needs to be cleaned and cleaned thoroughly.If you check the internet you will find many duct cleaners.

There are air monitors available, which will let you know if the air is free of pollutants. Use these monitors and check the air quality regularly.

To prevent airborne illnesses with commercial HVAC systems it is essential to work with professionals. A well maintained HVAC system will take care of the air flow and ensure that clean air is provided always. Correct humidity levels will ensure that virus and bacteria do not multiply.

You can ask your HVAC technician to teach you the basics of improving air flow. The technician will teach you to open up registers in one place and close in another to improve the air flow. You can also keep doors and windows closed so that the air flow is not hampered. Keeping windows or doors open will hamper air flow and cause the air quality to decrease. Just following these steps will ensure clean air thereby preventing illnesses.

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