National Home Buyers Assistance

National Home Buyers Assistance

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National Home Buyers Assistance (NHBA) is a network that seeks to help renters become homeowners. This lofty goal is worked towards by this entire group of top real estate professionals. Its goals are lofty, but its quality members make them a real possibility.

These goals include a push to have its operations extend to all 50 states as well as international markets. When all is said and done, NHBA hopes to have as many as 10,000 franchises around the world. You could become a part of this growing team that offers almost limitless opportunities.

National Home Buyers Assistance is a chance for you to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Learning more about this project can teach you what you can do with NHBA to help yourself and the world.

Barriers to Home Ownership

Too many individuals and families who wish to own a home are unable because of barriers to home ownership. Financial difficulties can come in many forms, and buying a home is one of the most financially challenging moves someone can make. Financial troubles or lack of means can keep qualified individuals from becoming homeowners when really all these individuals need is a little help.

When you buy a home, not only must you cover the initial expenses of buying a home, but mortgage payments must be kept up for years. This type of substantial and sustainable income is not easy to come by these days for many families or individuals. NHBA seeks to help these individuals get past the first steps.

NHBA Goals

NHBA aims to assist those who face obstacles on the path to home ownership. NHBA has created its own route towards real estate success both for NHBA and for individual prospective home owners. By tapping into markets previously untouched, NHBA allows you the potential for limitless income.


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